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We Began our club in the fall of 2006 to hang out and enjoy the sport of bass fishing.   We fish the Upper Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac, Deep Creek Lake, and Conowingo Lake.   We practice catch and release and have a great deal of respect for our sport, our fellow anglers, and our waters.  We began as a small club with the intention of learning, teaching, and sharing our sport of bass fishing.  In 2015, We decided as a club that we would go to a 3 fish limit per angler to help for fish conservation.  We hope other clubs and events in our area consider this as well.   Our members are from the Northern region of the state of Maryland :  Harford County a.k.a. Hazzard County , Baltimore County , Cecil County, Carroll County, Howard County, and Southern PA. 






We would like to acknowledge Tom Casteel for entering his 10th year with the club.   Thanks for 10 years of great times on the water buddy!  Tom joins Dave Enderlein (11 years), Joe Montoya (13 years), John (14 years), and Troy(14 years) with 10+ years in the Hazzard County Bassmasters.   Troy and John are remaining founding members of the club.

TOURNAMENT #1 - Susquehanna Flats

Matt weighed in a fine stringer of 11.00 lbs even with a 5 lb lunker fished from the Alpha/Omega.  Joe came in close behind Matt with 10 1/2 lbs and the kicker of the day (5 lbs 1 oz).  Dave weighed-in for 8 lbs 13 oz and a nice 4.04 kicker.  Eric was with Joe and came in with a limit of bass for 4th place today tipping the scales at just over 7 lbs.  John managed a single bass today.  The shorelines dominated the grass beds today.  Fishing was good early and late.

TOURNAMENT #2 - Susquehanna Flats

1st year member Ken Eng tipped the scales today with a beautiful 12 lbs 12 oz bag of largemouth.  Ken took lunker honors today also with a nice 5 lb 08 oz bass.  John came in 2nd today with 9 lbs 11 oz and he also had a nice 5.05 lb kicker.  Both anglers fished mostly grass today.  Dave came in 3rd place once again showing his consistency with another bag over 8 lbs.  Dave slides into 1st place overall for an early lead in the points chase.  Troy came in 4th today followed by Joe, Matt, and Eric, all one fishers on a hot, humid day on the water.

Tournament #3 - Bush River

The fish have been biting great lately, so everyone came into the tournament feeling optimistic about catching some quality bass.  Well, with the passing frontal system just 2 days earlier and the rain it brought, we were all in for a shock.  Fishing can be great one day and awful the next....that's fishin'.  The fish stopped biting, mostly.  7 anglers took to the water and only 9 fish came back to the scales.   John came in 1st today with the only limit that tipped the scale at 5 lbs 10 oz.  Troy followed closely for 2nd today with 4 lbs 13 oz on 2 fish.  Both anglers fished within sight of each other today, and not far from the launch ramp.  Everyone else ran and the story of the day was a battle of one-fisher's.  Dave came in 3rd with the lunker of the day - 3lbs 01 oz.  From there Ken came in 4th with 2.06 lbs, Tom had 1.10 lbs and Joe swing a 1.08 pounder over the side.  The end result was a mild shake-up of the points race.


                     2020 TOURNAMENT SEASON

      #1 - Susquehanna River - Cancelled (Covid-19)
              #2 - Potomac River - Cancelled (Covid-19)
      #3 - Susquehanna River - 1st Place - Matt Houtz
      #4 - Susquehanna River - 1st Place - Ken Eng
                    #5 - Bush River - 1st Place John Richick
      #6 - Susquehanna River - 1st Place - Ken Eng
                        #7 - WILD CARD
                        #8 - Northeast River
                        #9 - Northeast River
                       #10 - Northeast River Classic

                           Season 2020 Club Pics

                                PICS FOR THE 2020 SEASON:






                                          Old-school line-up, circa 2014



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          ...in honor of our friend Sam
               Fishing in a better place,
               Don't catch 'em all Sam.

                                  2020 TOURNAMENT #1
                         1st Place
Ken Eng
   ><> <>< ><> <>< ><> <>< ><> <>< 
                         2nd Place
       John Richick               
   ><> ><> ><> ><> <>< <>< <>< <><

               LUNKER of the YEAR
                       Ken Eng  5.08 lbs
 ><> ><> <>< <>< ><> ><> <>< <><




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