Past tournament results 2007 - 2020



We would like to acknowledge Tom Casteel for entering his 10th year with the club.   Thanks for 10 years of great times on the water buddy!  Tom joins Dave Enderlein (11 years), Joe Montoya (13 years), John (14 years), and Troy(14 years) with 10+ years in the Hazzard County Bassmasters.   Troy and John are remaining founding members of the club.

TOURNAMENT #1 - Susquehanna Flats

Matt weighed in a fine stringer of 11.00 lbs even with a 5 lb lunker fished from the Alpha/Omega.  Joe came in close behind Matt with 10 1/2 lbs and the kicker of the day (5 lbs 1 oz).  Dave weighed-in for 8 lbs 13 oz and a nice 4.04 kicker.  Eric was with Joe and came in with a limit of bass for 4th place today tipping the scales at just over 7 lbs.  John managed a single bass today.  The shorelines dominated the grass beds today.  Fishing was good early and late.

TOURNAMENT #2 - Susquehanna Flats

1st year member Ken Eng tipped the scales today with a beautiful 12 lbs 12 oz bag of largemouth.  Ken took lunker honors today also with a nice 5 lb 08 oz bass.  John came in 2nd today with 9 lbs 11 oz and he also had a nice 5.05 lb kicker.  Both anglers fished mostly grass today.  Dave came in 3rd place once again showing his consistency with another bag over 8 lbs.  Dave slides into 1st place overall for an early lead in the points chase.  Troy came in 4th today followed by Joe, Matt, and Eric, all one fishers on a hot, humid day on the water.

Tournament #3 - Bush River

The fish have been biting great lately, so everyone came into the tournament feeling optimistic about catching some quality bass.  Well, with the passing frontal system just 2 days earlier and the rain it brought, we were all in for a shock.  Fishing can be great one day and awful the next....that's fishin'.  The fish stopped biting, mostly.  7 anglers took to the water and only 9 fish came back to the scales.   John came in 1st today with the only limit that tipped the scale at 5 lbs 10 oz.  Troy followed closely for 2nd today with 4 lbs 13 oz on 2 fish.  Both anglers fished within sight of each other today, and not far from the launch ramp.  Everyone else ran and the story of the day was a battle of one-fisher's.  Dave came in 3rd with the lunker of the day - 3lbs 01 oz.  From there Ken came in 4th with 2.06 lbs, Tom had 1.10 lbs and Joe swing a 1.08 pounder over the side.  The end result was a mild shake-up of the points race.

Tournament #4 -  August Flats. 

Real tough day for the club.  Ken had a good day today with the only limit of the day.  3 fish for 9 lbs 5 oz took first.  John came in with 2 bass going 6 lbs.  Troy came in 3rd with a nice bass over 3 lbs and Joe rounded out the field with a 12 oz smallie :)

Tournament #5 The WILDCARD

Troy and Joe took first today with ease.  They weighed in a limit of 5 Bass going 9 lbs 13 oz.  Dave and Matt took 2nd place with Tom and John edging out a 3rd place finish just over Ken and Eric.  Most of the club fished North with Tom and John fishing down south.

Tournament #6  1st of 3 Northeast River TX's

It was a close finish today with the win going to John with 3 fish weighing-in at 7 lbs 13oz.  Joe came in a close 2nd with 7lbs even followed by Dave with 6 lbs 11 oz.  It looks like anyone can take the Mr Bass Title!!  John, Joe, and Dave have a slight edge by a couple points

Tournament #7   2nd of 3 Northeast River TX's

This one shows the fall bite really starting to pick up with 6 coming to the scales with a limit.  This is the last regular season tournament as the next tournament will be the CLASSIC!   AND THIS ONE really shook up the MR BASS points race and we find 6 anglers have a solid shot at the title!!

There is no surprise that Matt puts the club on notice that THIS is his time of the year.  Matt has always been lights out in the fall and today was no exception.  Matt takes 1st place today with a solid 3 fish limit of 9 lbs 15 oz!  Dave comes in just behind Matt with a big stringer of his own at 8 lbs 15 oz.  3rd place went to Joe with over 7lbs of bass.  Tom put together a great stringer of 6.15 lbs.  Ken and John came in next for 5th and 6th with over 5 lbs each.  Troy and Eric rounded out the group with fish weighed-in at the water-side scales.  THE RESULT--3 anglers at the top within 4 points of the lead!!  We basically have match play between Dave, John, and Joe....The order they finish, will determine who takes who.   And with Matt only 8 points from the lead and DOUBLE POINTS awarded in the CLASSIC, Matt is a big fish and Classic win away from the MR BASS title!!!  Troy and Ken are right there also and would need just a small slip-up to happen and they could sweep right in and take a top 3 or even take the title themselves.  


The big win goes to Dave Enderlein for a great 3 bass limit of 10 lbs 13 oz.  Dave takes the Mr Bass Title for 2020 giving him his 2nd Hazzard County Bassmasters Mr Bass title !!  Dave's first Mr Bass was in 2015 and this year he got back in the winner's circle -- Congratulations Dave!   Joe Montoya finished 2nd in the Classic with a nice 3 fish bag of 9 lbs 13 oz.  Tom came in 3rd place in today's Classic with 8 lbs 9 oz on his best 3 bass.  Ken, Troy, and John bunched up with limits all right around 7 lbs.  


                                                       2020 FINAL POINTS STANDINGS

  Place             Angler                             Points             Total pounds                      

1st Place     Dave Enderlein                      912              50 LBS 13 OZ  

2nd Place    Joe Montoya                          905              49 LBS 01 OZ

3rd Place    John Richick                          897              45 LBS 14 OZ 

4th Place   Ken Eng                                  894              42 LBS 13 OZ

5th Place    Troy Duff                                891              35 LBS 04 OZ 

6th Place   Matt Houtz                               886              35 LBS 03 OZ

7th Place   Tom Casteel                             872               22 LBS 05 OZ         

8th Place   Eric Helmick                            667               8 LBS 12 OZ

2020 Mr Bass:  Dave Enderlein

2nd Place : Joe Montoya

3rd Place : John Richick

4th Place : Ken Eng
5th Place : Troy Duff
6th Place : Matt Houtz
7th Place : Tom Casteel
8th Place : Eric Helmick

Lunker of the Year:  Ken Eng - 5 lbs 8 oz

Classic Champion:  Dave Enderlein



                     2020 TOURNAMENT SEASON

          Susquehanna River - Cancelled (Covid-19)
               Potomac River - Cancelled (Covid-19)
      #1 - Susquehanna River - 1st Place - Matt Houtz
      #2 - Susquehanna River - 1st Place - Ken Eng
             #3 - Bush River - 1st Place - John Richick
      #4 - Susquehanna River - 1st Place - Ken Eng
      #5 - WILD CARD - 1st Place - Troy and Joe
      #6 - Northeast River - 1st Place - John Richick
       #7 - Northeast River - 1st Place - Matt Houtz

                       #8 - Northeast River Classic
               (Dave Enderlein wins the 2020 Classic)


2019 SEASON:



      The club went into the 2019 Classic knowing that the bite had slowed-down as a result of the massive amount of water that was coursing through the Conowingo Dam from heavy rainfall in the upper parts of the Susquehanna River.   But it was November, and the Bass were there and the anglers went to work trying to get bit along the shorelines of the Northeast and Susquehanna.   In the end, it turned out to be a very competitive weigh-in that went down to the wire. 

 7 anglers came to the scales and it was Matt Houtz coming out on top to win the 2019 Classic Championship with a 3 fish limit of 9 lbs 4 oz.  Matt had lost a big fish earlier in the day but he never gave up.  Matt caught the fish he needed at 2:43 p.m. off a point near the weigh-in sight just before weigh-in to edge out John for the Classic win.  John's 2nd place finish today was all he needed to secure the 2019 MR BASS title to take angler of the year honors.  John's bag of 8 lbs 11oz was anchored with the Lunker of the Day, a 4 lbs 8oz largemouth.  John's Co-angler was Matt today and the two anglers enjoyed a fun day. Somehow, someway John's 4 lb 15 oz bigmouth caught on the Susquehanna in the years 1st tournament held up for Lunker of the year for 2019.

 Tom came in 3rd today with a strong finish to his season.  Tom's limit of bass tallied 8 lbs 6 oz and this finish propelled Tom into 2nd place overall for Mr Bass.    Keep in mind also, Tom is a co-angler and this ties Matt with the strongest finish by a co-angler in club history.   Coming in 4th place today, just ounces from the top of the leaderboard was Dave Enderlein.  Once again, Dave proved to be a strong stick in the Classic Championship.  Dave's bag went 8 lbs 4 oz with a 3.00 lb kicker.  Dave fished with Tom today in the Big Red Skeeter.   

Next up was the defending Mr Bass Troy Duff  fishing solo in the blue 209.  Troy got his fish late today and it was enough to pull out a 5th place finish with 4 lbs 4 oz.  Troy and Dave Enderlein tied for 5th place overall this year in the Mr Bass points race. 

 Paul Harrison came into the day just 3 points back for the Mr Bass title.  Paul had a consistent year and was right there all year for the lead.  Today Paul had a rough day and in a double points Classic, that usually doesn't end well.   Paulie came in 6th place today with 3.00 lbs.  This finish did land Paulie in a top 3 spot for the year in the Mr Bass chase.  Eric fished today with Paulie and weighed-in a 15 oz bass.  Eric began the year with a beautiful 10 lb 15 oz stringer on the Potomac River and this held up all year to be the Stringer of the Year.  

2019 MR BASS :  John Richick

2nd Place:  Tom Casteel
3rd Place:  Paul Harrison
4th Place:  Matt Houtz 
5th Place: (tie)  Troy Duff
5th Place: (tie)  Dave Enderlein
7th Place:  Erik Helmick
8th Place:  Joe Montoya
9th Place:  Chad Wells
10th Place:  Keith
11th Place:  Brian Howard
12th Place:  Ben Ensor
13th Place:  Dave Crocken

Classic Champion:  Matt Houtz  3 fish limit 9 lbs 04 oz  

Lunker of the Year:  John Richick     4 lb 15 oz

Stringer of the Year:  Eric Helmick    10 lbs 15 oz

Tournament wins in 2019: 

John Richick - 2 wins (Susquehanna & Bush River)
Paul Harrison - 2 wins (Elk River & The Wildcard)
Matt Houtz - 2 wins (Northeast & Northeast Classic)
Eric Helmick - 1 win (Potomac River)
Joe Montoya - 1 win (Conowingo River)
Tom Casteel - 1 win (Susquehanna River)


                         2019 TOURNAMENT SEASON

                 #1 - Susquehanna River - John Richick  -1st Place
                 #2 - Potomac River - Eric Helmick - 1st Place
                #3 - Elk River - Paulie H - 1st Place
                 #4 - Conowingo Lake - Joe Montoya - 1st place
                 #5 - Susquehanna River - Tom Casteel - 1st place
                 #6 - BUSH RIVER - John Richick - 1st Place
                 #7 - WILD CARD - Paulie H - 1st Place
                 #8 -  Northeast River #1  - Matt Houtz - 1st Place

                 #9 - 2019 CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP  
                               (( NORTHEAST RIVER ))
                                Matt Houtz - 1st Place

                    TOTAL  FISH - 16  FISH  42 LBS  11 OZ

                  YR TO DATE -   150 FISH   337 LBS 14 OZ

                                AVG FISH - 2 lbs 04 oz


                                            2019 CURRENT POINTS STANDINGS

  Place             Angler                             Points             Total pounds                      

1st Place     JOHN RICHICK                  1005              57  LBS 10 OZ

2nd Place    TOM CASTEEL                   995              44 LBS 15 OZ

3rd Place    PAUL HARRISON               992              48 LBS 12 OZ 

4th Place   MATT HOUTZ                       988              41 LBS 02 OZ

5th Place   TROY DUFF                          972              28 LBS 14 OZ 

5th Place   DAVE ENDERLEIN              972               32 LBS 13 OZ

7th Place   ERIC HELMICK                    963              22 LBS 10 OZ         

8th Place   JOE MONTOYA                     952              19 LBS 12 OZ
9th Place    KEITH                                   932               9 LBS 07 OZ
10th Place   CHAD WELLS                     928              11 LBS 03 OZ
12th Place  DAVE CROCKEN    UNSURE OF RETURN       1 LB 7 OZ
13th Place   BEN ENSOR     OUT FOR THE YEAR               9 LBS  04 OZ



Finish to  2018 ....

            ....and 2018 is in the books after a powerhouse finish.   With the club's Mr Bass title up for grabs, 6 members had a shot going into the Club Classic and the ever-dangerous double points that it brings.   In the end, the points leader, Troy Duff held onto his 11 point lead by the slimmest of margins.  Troy Caught the right bass when he needed them this year.  With one over 5 pounds in the last regular season event and a last minute fish caught 8 minutes before weigh-in that culled 1 pound to his stringer, Troy held off a mighty charge by Dave, Tom, Brian, Ben, and John.   Dave Enderlein made a serious charge and made up a lot of ground going for the title with impressive fishing over the last two tournaments which includes the win at this years classic.  Dave finished just 3 points behind Troy for the 2018 Mr Bass.  Tom Casteel put two great tournaments together and was right there in the end and will secure the 3rd Place trophy for 2018.

                               2018 TOURNAMENT SEASON
                                              3 Fish limit all year

                 #1 - Susquehanna River - John Richick 1st Place
                 #2 - Susquehanna River - Brian Howard 1st Place
                #3 - Potomac River - Joe Montoya 1st Place
                 #4 - Susquehanna River - 6/3/18 ((CANCELLED))
                 #5 - Elk River - Ben Ensor 1st Place
                 #6 - Bush River - Troy Duff 1st Place
                 #7 - Northeast - Dave Enderlein 1st Place
                 #8 - Northeast River - Brian Howard 1st Place

                         #9 - 2018 CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP -  
                     2018 Classic Champion - Dave Enderlein 


                  YR TO DATE -   109 FISH   292 LBS 00 OZ

                                AVG FISH - 2 lbs 11 oz

                                                  2018 Season

                                      Mr. Bass 2018 - Troy Duff
                                     2nd Place - Dave Enderlein
                                       3rd Place - Tom Casteel

                                     4th Place - Brian Howard
                                      5th Place - John Richick
                                       6th Place - Ben Ensor
                                      7th Place - Matt Houtz
                                      8th Place - Eric Helmick
                                      9th Place - Chad Wells

                               2018 Mr. Bass - Troy Duff
                  2018 Classic Champion - Dave Enderlien
           2018 Lunker of the Year - Ben Ensor  6 lb 14 oz
     2018 Stringer of the Year - Joe Montoya 13 lbs 02 oz



                                    2017 TOURNAMENT SEASON
                                              3 Fish limit all year

              MR BASS - JOHN RICHICK

                                      2ND PLACE - MATT HOUTZ

                                      3RD PLACE - TROY DUFF

                                      4th Place - Dave Enderlein

                                      5th Place - Joe Montoya 

                                      6th Place - Tom Casteel

                                       7th Place - Eric Helmick

                                       8th Place - Chad Wells

                                        2017 Classic Champion
                                                   Troy Duff

                                        2017 Lunker of the Year
                                         Joe Montoya  6 lbs 8 oz

                                        2017 Stringer of the Year
                                  Matt Houtz  12 lbs 11 oz on 3 fish

                                 83 FISH    206 LBS 06 OZ
                                         AVG FISH - 2.07



                        2016 TOURNAMENT SEASON
                                                                 3 fish limit all year

                                     MR BASS - John Richick
                                 2nd PLACE - Dave Enderlein
                                   3rd PLACE - Matt Houtz

                                    4th Place - Eric Helmick
                                    5th Place - Tom Casteel
                                    6th Place - Troy Duff
                                    7th Place - Chad Wells
                                    8th Place - Joe Montoya
                                    9th Place - Dan Thompson

                                    2016 CLASSIC CHAMPION 
                                                John Richick

                                  2016 LUNKER OF THE YEAR 
                                   John Richick    5 lbs. 12 oz.

                                 2016 STRINGER OF THE YEAR
                             John Richick   3 fish - 10 lbs. 15 oz.

       Dave Enderlein     2016 MR BASS                              John Richick     2016 2nd Place
                                              2015 TOURNAMENT SEASON

                                         2015 MR BASS - DAVE ENDERLEIN

                                              2ND PLACE - JOHN RICHICK

                                              3RD PLACE - STEVE MYERS

                                                    4th Place - Joe Montoya

                                                   5th Place - Dave Crocken

                                                    6th Place - Tom Casteel

                                                     7th Place - Chris Lang

                                                     8th Place - Matt Houtz

                                                  9th Place - Dan Thompson

                                                    10th Place - Chad Wells

                                                   11th Place - Joe Williams

                                                  12th Place - Dan Marsiglia

                                                     13th Place - Troy Duff

                                         2015 CLUB CLASSIC CHAMPION 
                                                     ** STEVE MYERS **

                                            2015 LUNKER OF THE YEAR 

                                                    ** JOHN RICHICK **
                                                                5 lbs 2 oz

                              2015 STRINGER OF THE YEAR (3 FISH LIMIT)
                                                    **JOHN RICHICK**   
                                                             9 lbs 9 oz   

                                                2015 Co-angler of the Year                   
                                                       ** Tom Casteel **

                    2015 HAZZARD COUNTY BASSMASTERS

                 1 -      SUSQUEHANNA RIVER I -  Steve Myers aka REDS

            2-       SUSQUEHANNA RIVER II - Dave Enderlein aka SLAYER

       3-    SUSQUEHANNA RIVER III - Joe Montoya aka GNOME MERCY

          4-       JULY 12TH- BUSH RIVER TX - Tom Casteel aka MCBUGGIN

                  5-       DUNDEE CREEK Sept 20th -  Steve Myers aka REDS

        6- OCTOBER 18TH N E RIVER - Matt Houtz aka FLYIN DOGFISH

           7- NOVEMBER 1ST N E RIVER - John Richick aka RIVER RAT

             8 - NOVEMBER 15TH Club CLASSIC - Steve Myers aka REDS



                                                 2014 TOURNAMENT SEASON

                                                     2014 MR BASS - DAVE C
                                                         2nd PLACE - JOE M
                                                       3rd PLACE - STEVE M

                                                         4th PLACE - MATT H  
                                                          5th PLACE - DAN T
                                                         6th PLACE - DAVE E
                                                          7th PLACE - TOM C
                                                         8th PLACE - CHRIS L
                                                          9th PLACE - JOE W
                                                        10th PLACE - JOHN R
                                                        11th PLACE - DAN M

                                                                12th PLACE - JEFF F
                                                              13th PLACE - TROY D

                                       2014 CLASSIC CHAMPION - STEVE MYERS

                                   2014 LUNKER OF THE YEAR - DAN THOMPSON
                                                                 6 LBS 6 OZ

                                  2014 STRINGER OF THE YEAR DAN THOMPSON
                                                                19 LBS 5 OZ

                                       NUMBER OF TOURNAMENTS HELD: 10

                                    TOTAL BASS WEIGHED-IN BY THE CLUB: 176

                        TOTAL POUNDS WEIGHED-IN BY THE CLUB:  441 LBS 9 OZ

                                                 AVG BASS IN 2014: 2 LBS 8 OZ

                                              BEST WEIGH-IN OF THE YEAR:
                                                        Susquehanna River    


         2014 Mr Bass                  2014 Classic Champion          2014 Lunker of the Year
        Dave Crocken                           Steve Myers                  Dan Thompson//6 lbs 6 oz

                                             2014 H.C.B. TOURNAMENT TRAIL
                                          Susquehanna River I - Matt aka flyin dogfish
                                                    Joppatowne - Steve aka Reds
                                                      Elk River - Steve aks Reds
                                        Susquehanna River II - Dan T aka Basswhacker
                                           Conowingo Lake - Dan M aka Rockcrawler
                                                Joppatowne II - Chris aka BassTrack
                                              Susquehanna Flats - Dave E aka Slayer
                                            Northeast River I - Dave C aka The Crow
                                           Northeast River II - Dave C aka The Crow

                                          Northeast River CLASSIC - Steve aka Reds

                                     2013 TOURNAMENT SEASON
                                              Mr Bass - Dave C
                                             2nd Place - Joe M
                                             3rd Place - Dave E

                                              4th place - John
                                              5th place - Steve
                                              6th place - Matt
                                              7th place - Joe W
                                              8th place - Jeff
                                              9th place - Tom
                                            10th place - Troy
                                            11th place - Dan

                               2013 CLASSIC CHAMPION
- Joe M

                      2013 LUNKER OF THE YEAR - Matt (6 lbs 4 oz)

                 2013 STRINGER OF THE YEAR - Dave C (19 lbs 8 oz)

                                Number of Tournaments held: 10
                                Total bass weigh-in by club: 235
                                 Total weight for 2013:  620 lbs 10 oz
                                                  Avg. Bass:  2 lbs 10 oz

                 Best weigh-in of 2013: Susquehanna River  118 lbs 10 oz

              2013 Mr. Bass:                  2013 Classic Champion:             2013 Lunker of the Year:
                         Dave C                                        Joe M                                       Matt H


                                               2013 H.C.B.

                                Susquehanna River I - Joe M  
Potomac River- Dave E     
                                      Conowingo Lake- Joe W 
                                 Susquehanna River II - Dave E
                                Susquehanna River III - Dave C
                               Mid Summer showdown - Steve M
                                      The Wildcard - John R
                                    Northeast River I - Dave C 
                                   Northeast River II - Steve M

                      Northeast River Club Classic - Joe Montoya



                               2012 TOURNAMENT SEASON
                                          Mr Bass: Dave C

                                          2nd place:  Joe M
                                          3rd place:  John 

                                          4th place:  Joe W
                                          5th place:  Dave E
                                          6th place:  Steve 
                                          7th place:  Dan 
                                          8th place:  Troy 
                                          9th place:  Tom 
                                         10th place:  Jeff 

                         2012 CLASSIC CHAMPION:  Dave C      

                 2012  LUNKER OF THE YEAR:  Dave C (5.11 lbs)

                2012 STRINGER OF THE YEAR:  Joe W (19.07 lbs)

                                   Number of tournaments held in 2012:  9            

                                   Total bass weighed-in by the club: 251 

                                    Total weight for 2012:  686 lbs 04 oz            
                                           Avg bass:  2 lbs 11 oz

                      Best weigh-in of 2012:  Potomac River  118 lbs 02 oz

                          Dave C                                   Joe M                                Joe W
                     2012 Mr Bass                      2nd Place 2012           2012 Stringer of the Year 
              2012 Lunker of the Year
              2012 Classic Champion



                              2011 Tournament Season

                                 2011 MR BASS :  Dave C

                                      2nd Place:  John 
                                     3rd Place:  Joe M

                                     4th Place:  Jeff 
                                     5th Place:  Dave E
                                     6th Place:  Dan 
                                     7th Place:  Joe W
                                     8th Place:  Troy 
                                     9th Place:  Chris 
                                   10th Place:  Barry 

                       2011 CLASSIC CHAMPION:  John

                 2011 LUNKER OF THE YEAR:  Troy    5 lb 14 oz

               2011 STRINGER OF THE YEAR:  John   20 lb 2 oz  

                                 2011 Total Club weight:  638 lbs 12 oz on 244 bass
                                                Avg bass in 2011:  2 lbs 9 oz

                               Best weigh-in of 2011 :  101 lbs 04 oz on June 5th, 2011




             2011 Mr Bass                         2011 Classic Champion              2011 Lunker of the Year
                 Dave C                                              John                                       Troy   5 lbs 14 oz



                      2010 Tournament Season

 BASS 2010 :   DAVE C  
                                                        2nd Place points :  CHRIS 

                                                       3rd Place Points : DAN 

                                                                   4th Place:  Barry 
                                                                   5th place:  Joe M
                                                                   6th place:  John 
                                                                   7th place:  Joe W
                                                                   8th place:  Dave E
                                                                   9th place:  Jeff  
                                                                   10th place:  Troy 

                                       CLASSIC CHAMPION:  DAVE C

                                  LUNKER OF THE YEAR:  CHRIS     6.13 lbs

                               STRINGER OF THE YEAR:  DAVE C     19.00 lbs
                                  Club total weight for 2010 :    311 lbs 11 oz     on    125 Bass weighed-in
                                                  Avg bass for 2010:    2 lbs  8 oz

                          Best weigh-in of 2010:  Oct. 10th  60 lbs 5 oz  on 26 Bass   at    NorthEast River

    2010 Classic winner & Best Stringer:
                 Dave C  19.00 lbs

                   2010 Mr. Bass
2010 Lunker of the Year:
      Chris   6 lb 13 oz


                         2009 Tournament Season

                                            MR BASS 2009: Dave C

                                            2nd Place Points: John 

                                       3rd Place Points: Chris  (Tie)
                                                                     Troy  (Tie)

                                                   4th place : Joe W
                                                   5th place: Dan 
                                                   6th place: Joe M
                                                   7th place: Jeff 

                               CLASSIC CHAMPION:  Dave C

                              LUNKER OF THE YEAR:  Dan  

                STRINGER OF THE YEAR: Dave C  14 lbs  08 oz  
            Club Total weight of 2009:   344 lbs 04 oz  on 151 bass weighed
                                    Avg bass for 2009:  2 lbs 4 oz
                      Best Weigh-in of the Year:  April 26th  85 lbs 04 oz

       Mr Bass 2009: Dave C

          2009 Classic Champion

        2009 Lunker of the Year:
               Dan   5.00 lbs.


                        2008 Tournament Season

                                    Mr. BASS : John 

                                    2nd Place :  Chris  

                                    3rd Place : Dave C

                                       4th Place:  Troy 
                                       5th Place:  Joe W
                                       6th Place:  Jeff 
                                       7th Place:  Joe M
                                       8th Place:  Sam X

                              CLASSIC CHAMPION:  John 

                    LUNKER OF THE YEAR:  Chris   6 lbs 02 oz

                    STRINGER OF THE YEAR:  John   18.00 lbs 

          Total club weight for 2008:  302 lbs 06 oz  on 148 bass weighed
                                Avg bass for 2008:  2 lbs  1 oz

               Best club weigh-in of 2008:  November 2nd   79 lbs 02 oz


    Mr. Bass and Classic Champion 2008:

   Lunker of the Year 2008:  6 lb  02 oz



                    2007 Tournament Season

                                      MR BASS:  Dave C

                                  2nd Place Points:  Joe W

                                   3rd Place Points:  John 

                                           4th place: Sam X
                                           5th place: Chris 
                                           6th place: Eric R
                                           7th place: Troy 

                             CLASSIC CHAMPION:  Joe W
                  LUNKER OF THE YEAR:  Dave C 5 lbs 09 oz

              STRINGER OF THE YEAR: Dave C  18 lbs 06 oz

     Total Club weight for 2007:  126 lbs 06 oz  on 52 bass weighed
                            Avg bass for 2007:  2 lbs  6 oz
                  Best weigh-in of 2007:  35lbs 14oz  on May 20th

Mr Bass and Stringer of the year (18.06 lbs):
Dave C
Classic Champion 2007: Joe W

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